Boost your production

Boost the uptime of your equipment and cut down the time required for maintenance.

Specialists in material handling


We are specialized in material handling and we are at our best in surroundings, where there are big rocks, large material amounts, plenty of dust and aggressive or problematic materials. For years we have been helping the mining- and steel industry to boost their production and at the same time gained knowledge that you don’t find elsewhere.

The problem solvers


We are the problem solvers! We want to see the production challenges and hear about the experiences gained in production and maintenance. The work starts by getting us dirty, checking the real life situation. Then it’s time to get back to the engineering board and start solving the problem, before returning back to the problem scene with a new solution.
Each case teaches something new about the behaviour of our customer’s materials.

Choose Sysi

Six reasons to choose us.


We dig into the root causes and present a complete solution for the case in hand. We want to understand our customer’s processes so well, that we’ll be irreplaceable. We want to be true companions and succeed together with our clients. 


We have a deep understanding of different materials and a clear focus on the materials handled in the mining and steel industry. The addiction to learn as much as possible of the current case, helps us tailor the optimal solution to the customer’s problem.

Getting us dirty

We get ourselves dirty and want to see the real life situation personally. Whether it’s a the top of the hoisting tower or at the depths of the mine. We believe the that the time spent at the problem location and the experiences from the installations are the best the foundations for product development.


We always provide our customers with all drawings made for the project and naturally the operating manuals that help the customer maintain the uptime also in the future. We won’t leave you alone, but we will be there with you to maximize the added value of your investment.


We make long term commitments to our customer’s challenges and we won’t give up. We like to look at the bigger picture and sometimes solve problem you weren’t even aware of. That is one of the reasons why our customers keep on coming back to us.


Punctuality is self clarify for us. Our big stock and flexibility will provide you a solution normally within days, not in months. Prepare for rapid action.


Our e-mail adresses are of the form

Petteri Viinanen

Managing Director

I founded Sysi Oy in 2010 after having worked over 15 year in different companies in Finland and Germany. Projects, their management and engineering have always been my homefield, but installation sites, audits of the challenges is the second home for me.
Over 10 years of experience from different bulk materials and 30 years in machine building gives the M.Sc. good tools to satisfy his addiction to solve problems and learn about new solutions.

Teppo Lehtinen

Sales Director

I became a partner in Sysi in 2013 after having worked on various industries in Finland and China. Improving the functionality of belt conveyor, solving screening challenges and providing new solutions for wear solutions are the areas where I bring the most added value to the customer. Good knowledge of material technology, the time spent on the installation sites and a large network of partners gives a pretty good basis for this job.

Arto Afflekt


I joined Sysi in spring 2021 with the task to improve the uptime of our customer’s equipment. An entrepreneur background with strong practical experience on various equipment over the year gives a good basis to solve the challenges with the material handling equipment.

I am not afraid of the work and a natural interest in all new things is a pretty good tool pack for the work.

Joona Suhonen


I joined the Sysi team in summer 2021 with the task to take care of our customer and their installations on the west part of Finland. A strong entrepreneur background with years of practical maintenance experience gives a solid foundation to solve the customer challenges together with the rest of the team. The natural interest to learn and find new solutions is the insurance scheme that ensures that there is always a way and that the installations get done as planned.