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Improve the uptime, maintainability and cut down the operating costs.

We have years of experience in solving material handling challenges in the mining and steel industry. Our solutions will improve the uptime, ease the maintenance and lower the operating costs. We do tailor our solutions to the individual customer needs.

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We provide solutions in the following product groups.


We do optimize each conveyor in a way, that allows you to inspect your wear plates, to change the rollers faster also in the skirt board area and to remove quickly the shields for maintenance. The experiences from each case flow to our R&D, so that the next cases are even better ones. The outcome is a solution that will boost the uptime and reduce the operating expenses.


Our engineers will start their work at your plant, looking at the real life situation. They will also be there during the installation or modernization. This way is besides being the only way, the best way to create a solid foundation for engineering solutions that consider the needs of the production personnel and the way the material behaves. A way to make the equipment more reliable, safer and more effective.


Working in areas where the dirt and dust is harmful to the health of the personnel, it must be ensured that these substances are not carried out to the vehicles, public areas or the homes of the employees.

The decontamination containers help in ensuring this target. When using disposable overalls, these can be removed either outside or on the dirty side, before washing the boots, hands and vacuum cleaning the clothes. Entrance to the clean side goes through an air shower, where high speed – low pressure air is used to detach dust from the clothes.

On the clean side it is time to remove the personal protection gear, clean it up once more and leave to the clean areas.


One way of preventing dust from spreading to the surroundings is the use of very fine water fog. When the droplets are so small that they don’t freeze in the winter air, but still catch the dust particles and drop them down. With droplet size below 0,1 mm, the amount of water used for example in a transfer point is less than 100 l/h, which is insignificant in comparison to the mass flow of material.

The fog can be used on transfer points, discharge ends, door opening, hoppers … you name it, we do it.


Hitting high and hard is always a beautiful way to load and discharge, but when considering wear, tear and dusting, it’s the opposite. By engineering the chute geometry correctly, wearing can be reduced to a great extent. If the material does not touch the walls, the wall will not wear and yes, you can actually calculate or simulate the material flow.


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