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SYSI Develops the Uptime of Belt Conveyors


During the Covid 19 pandemic, traveling has been cut down to minimum, so we have used the time to develop new solutions. The basis for development has been as always, to offer our customers more reliability, faster maintenance and more efficient solutions.

The past year was used to think about both modernisation and new conveyors, their installations and new solutions have been developed. Each case is naturally a unique one and standard solutions are never working. Still, wear protection, maintainability and ease of installation are still the same requirement in each project.

After all the work done, we are now in a much better position to tailor and optimize the solutions. Check our modernisation and conveyor solutions here.


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New Web Site and Visual Identity

We want to distinct our selves in the web and communicate in a more memorable way than any other company in Finland. We believe that this tells the story of our uncompromisingness, that you also see in our work. We are not satisfied with the standard solutions, but we want to optimize and deliver the best solutions for each application.